Matt Witte

Finger rippin', country pickin' tears in your beers country, folk and blues

Matt and Swayne.jpg

Coach N’ Commando formed in 2011, but the musical partnership of the Brooklyn based duo started long before that. While living in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1999, singer/guitarist M. Witte met drummer John Swayne and they played in three bands together, one of whom, the New Blood Revival, signed a major label record deal with Atlantic Records and recorded an album with producer David Kahne. After NBR disbanded they would later go on to form Chainsaw Trio, then Coach N’ Commando and Swayne even joins Matt on his 2018 solo debut, Ol' Boy. The chemistry forged from playing and touring together for over a decade is unmistakable at a Coach N’ Commando live show. Witte and Swayne play their impassioned vision of psycho/rockabilly as if their lives depend on it. While seated at the front of the stage Matt Witte’s knee repeatedly comes up as high as his head only to slam down on the stage in perfect rhythm, a remarkable addition to the percussion. His foot hammers down so hard that one witnessing this would think he was either trying to wake the dead or that the stage had wronged him in some way. To his side, Swayne jovially harasses his drums until the songs enter the momentum of a bar fight to which he then ducks his head down and flails his arms as if he were smashing bottles mid-flight. Bearing witness to this band, these two guys, conjures an image of a high speed car chase through the roads of the American West.

After all these years I know the wrong thing to say. And they still don't have a pill to make my words go away.